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Anti Static Carpet Treatment

Prevent static electric shock, quick and easy application.

With carpet used in more homes and offices, along with better insulation and heating, static electricity has become more noticeable. Add to that computer terminals, keyboards and such, and we hear more and more about static problems. The amount of static electricity created is based on such variables as the weight, walking habits and even the type of shoes worn. It's affected by the face fiber of the carpet, construction of the carpet, the backing, type of cushion under the carpet and the kind of floor. The amount of moisture in the air and, consequently on the face yarns, is a major factor in determining if someone is going to get shocked after walking over a carpet.

Anti Static is a great preventative treatment, it eliminates the build-up of static electric charge that causes a startling shock when one touches a light switch or metal object after walking on some rugs and carpets. All-Carpets Anti-Static treatment is safe for use on rugs or carpets of all fibers and will not change their appearance in any way, and is suitable for use on carpets and rugs in computer rooms, nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, motels, commercial buildings, stores, homes, etc. - wherever shocks from static electricity can be annoying or troublesome.

Anti Static Carpet Preventive Treatment is not a permanent treatment as it is slowly removed by the soles of the shoes - Periodic treatments will keep static electric charge from building in rugs and carpets, thus preventing static electric shock.

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Benefits of All-Carpets's Anti Static Carpet Treatment:

  • Is suitable for use on nylons, wool and acrylic fibres.
  • Will not adversely affect any types of fibre or fibre treatments already on the carpet.
  • Treatment can be applied to a dry carpet, though it is more effective if treatment is applied directly after steam cleaning.
  • Three months warranty is offered on treatment applied directly after steam cleaning by All Carpets.
  • Anti-static treatment is available with non-toxic product that is environmentally friendly.
  • Is a treatment for carpets and other woven fabrics and fibres.

Safe - non toxic, non flammable and safe on all carpets.

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We had water damage in our restaurant and All Carpets fixed it promptly as well as cleaning and sanitising. We highly recommend the All Carpets cleaning service. Thanks to them we were able to open up our business the day after the water damage so we didn't end up loosing money and customers.

Pizza Plus, Sydney, NSW

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