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Carpet Dry Cleaning

Dry Carpet Cleaning is an alternative to steam carpet cleaning and if done professionally can clean carpets successfully. If you have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis you should consider alternating between the two systems.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Setps:

  1. Soils are removed from the carpet with Dyson vacuum cleaner.
  2. We use a dry solvent solution and a stain removal product to treat stains.
  3. We treat your carpet with a dry cleaning solution, It releases the dirty soils from the carpets fibres allowing the dirt to be easily removed and you will see the best results.
  4. We use a rotary scrubber that spins a pad around on a carpet high speed machine. The dry cleaning solvent conditioning rinse act together to release the dirty soils, and the dirt from the carpet are transferred onto the bonnet pad.
Dry Carpet Cleaning Dry Carpet Cleaning

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I would tell any company faced with an emergency water situation to call you immediately. We are the second company to have used you on our block and certainly wont be the last. We got to the office on that morning to find the floor covered with water. You had your team mobilised and hard at work within an hour or two. We didn't even think about the possibility of mould, but you took the care to explain all the possible problems to us. All carpets team worked hard and fast so that we were back in the office before any time was lost. We are all very grateful that we received such great service.

Martin, Gold Coast ,QLD

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